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Sinuphend offers a desperately needed short and long term relief from sinusitis. After years of research, Sinuphend™ revolutionary approach offers patients a safe natural medication, that is fast and effective for the treatment of nasal congestion and sinusitis, free from rebound side effects and dependence.

Worldwide, there are millions suffering from chronic sinus problems. Common prescription and over-the-counter drugs that try address this problem slow down the flow of mucus (anti-secretory), kill the bacteria (antibiotics), or shut down the swelling (anti-inflammatory). While each strategy gives some people temporary relief, none of these drug approaches deals with the underlying problem. The real problem is usually a fungal infection.

Sinuphend™ is a blend of natural extracts that offers fast acting relief from chronic sinusitis, nasal congestion, nasal discharge, rhinitis of varied origins, catarrh, coryza, hayfever, post-nasal drip and atrophicans. The active ingredients have anti microbial effects on most bacteria, fungi & yeast's and contains no Benzalkonium chloride.

Every season brings along new pollens, fungi, bacteria and other airborne antigens. Sinuphend is designed to counter the allergic immune response to most of these pollutants and pathogens, and encourage nasal discharge, therefore providing both short and long term relief with no side effects.

Pharmacological Actions: Sinuphend™ acts against bacteria, fungi and moulds which trigger the immune response and the primary cause for nasal congestion and sinusitis. Due to an increase in eosinophiles and the resulting release of MBP into the mucus, bacteria proliferates in the damaged sinus lining. The delivery mechanism is a deficient phosphos-lipid, that performs immediate trans dermal penetration of the active ingredients.

  • Fast acting
  • Non Addictive
  • No side effects
  • Non prescriptive
  • For adults and children
  • No artificial preservatives
  • Use as often as necessary.
  • Fast sinus relief, sinus pressure, & nasal congestion.