• "I just had to drop you a mail, I have been using the natural Natox product for almost a year now, over the festive season I had family visit me here in SA, the last time I saw my brother and his family was 3 years ago, nobody could believe how fantastic I was looking and it took quite some convincing to assure them I had NOT gone under the knife, I will be 55 this year and the general consesnsus I got from my family and do from friends is that I could easily pass for late 30’s, This was one of the best Christmas gifts I received by way of compliments, I absolutely love the product, my skin is soft and firm and my confidence at an all time high, the Natox is one product I shall never go without. Thank You for an amazing, life giving elixir that has completely changed my life."
    Annette Balwin
  • “Dear Phend, after using the Femmephend Hygiene wash I wanted to let you know what an incredible product this is, for many years I struggled with soaps and scented products, all made me incredibly uncomfortable and I spent more time at Doctors and Gynaes in an attempt to find the problem, none were able to find a solution to my discomfort, and on one occasion I was told it was all in my head. With Femmephend I feel fresh and clean without the discomfort of burning or itching, if only I’d found this product before all those trips to Doctors. I have recommended it to all my girl friends who absolutely agree it’s the best thing since bubble gum, a huge Shout Out to the Phend group and my sincere Thanks for this amazing product.”
    Linda Whittaker
  • “Hi there, I just wanted to say how the 35% food grade H2O2 has been my saving grace, and product. After many years battling with an immune related disease, endless medication, which all had horrid side effects, and feeling like I just could not lift my head off the pillow, I am now a completely different person, my energy levels are high, no more lethargy and I have never feel this great, physically and mentally. At first I was a little reluctant to try it, it was recommended to me by a friend who’s grand mother was taking it as she was battling with cancer and refused Chemo, but once I read up about it and tried it it has changed my life, no medication nor Doctor has been able to help me and the cost is so inexpensive in comparison to the meds I once took. Thank You from the bottom of my heart for making H2O2 available, but more than that, Thank You for changing my life so positively. I’m now off to run with my dog, something I never thought would be possible. PS my friends Grandma is so much better, Doctors are baffled as her cancer has disappeared and I have been told this lady is off on a cruise shortly to celebrate life, indeed H2O2 works !!!! ”
    Kelly Mastrantini
    Cape Town
  • “Hi Guys, As an avid runner, I run every day, sometimes twice a day, I would suffer terribly with muscle cramps in both my legs, this got to the point where I had even considered giving up on my beloved sport, I have run Comrades 11 times and on 9 of those my attempt was interrupted with horrendous cramps, this was so bad that on 4 race attempts I could not finish. A colleague suggested I try Heatwave as he was using it for the same reason, on Sunday I ventured out for my run armed with a bottle of Heatwave, 14 minutes into my run my muscles began to cramp and I was becoming somewhat discouraged as this is my Comrades training, I sat down on the side of the road, pulled out the Heatwave and drank it like a shot, Wow it certainly comes with a punch, within minutes the cramps subsided and I continued to run, putting in an additional hour that I hadn’t planned for to see if the cramps returned, they did not !! I truly was amazed at the result and will never run without my Heatwave, I almost feel like I have found the secret to winning this years Comrades .”
    Ronald de Buisson