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What is FemmePhend?

Femmephend is a pure natural feminine hygiene wash that not only cleanses but re-balances the delicate pH of the vaginal area. Many have tried but few have succeeded in producing an effective product, specifically designed for cleansing a woman's intimate area. FemmePhend is gentle, hypoallergenic and specially formulated for daily hygiene, that maintains a healthy vaginal environment. Pure, safe and mild, containing no fragrance, no allergens, no synthetic chemicals, colourants or synthetic preservatives.

Maintaining a natural environment

FemmePhend cleans, refreshes and protects the vagina from harmful organisms that may cause inflammation, itching, abnormal discharge and unpleasant odours. This natural formulation does not interfere with the delicate vaginal flora balance.

Discomfort caused by external triggers...

Scented soaps, body washes and bubble baths are the leading causes of vaginal thrush, and candida overgrowth. By disturbing the pH balance of the vaginal environment, often leads to irritations and infections. Antibiotics, chemical colourants and synthetic preservatives can also contribute to sensitivities and irritations. Deodorants, antiseptics, and washing too often can, instead of helping, actually destroy the protective vaginal flora, as can physical activities, such as sex. In some cases, it is the infrequent changing of tampons or the too frequent use of towels. In others, the wearing of synthetic or tight clothing is simply not allowing the skin to breathe sufficiently.

Understanding the Science

The vagina has "good" and "bad" bacteria (flora) and produces lactic acid which maintains the normal pH level that limits the growth of the bad bacteria, any alteration to the pH level of the vagina will lead to the development of bad bacteria and infection.

pH levels, or the hydrogen ion concentration of the body, varies, there are levels of bacteria within our body that are healthy and keep our body's ecosystem healthy and balanced, the internal part, or the vaginal area, is more acidic because of the presence of lactobacillus an aerobic bacteria that ferments lactic acid.

The lactobacillus acts on a certain substrate within the vagina called glycogen, to produce the lactic acid. The lactic acid, in turn, gives protection for certain good bacteria to live on.

The vagina is really a self-cleaning organ and is cleaner than your mouth. It contains lactobacilli that continually secrete lactic acid keeping the acidity of the vagina high thereby discouraging the growth of pathogenic organisms that can cause itchiness or vaginal discharge.

Soaps therefore alter the pH balance allowing organisms to proliferate leading to infection. Perfume, synthetic preservatives and petrochemical additives commonly found in soap and bubble bath also play a role in affecting sensitive areas.


Why every Women should use FemmePhend

  • Daily feminine hygiene
  • Recurring vaginal infections
  • Bacterial Vaginosis
  • Thrush, Chlamydia and Candida
  • Vaginal urinary tract infections.
  • Abnormal pap smears